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31 August 2008


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For Steve Medhurst.
Would be interested in Original Birds of Paradise paintings by Vic Pascoe. What do you have? Are you selling?

I have 12 Vic Pascoe originals to sell. All of birds of paradise. Bought in PNG. Some on canvas, some on board. Also 5 David Willis originals.

I have a large original pastel of Hal's, circa early 1970s, a gift for my mother Kaye, who recently passed away. It is of a native mother and child in classic 'madonna and child' pose. Stunning!

We met Hal in 1975 in Port Moresby. At this time he had started painting a very big picture.

In the middle of the picture was a paper boat, and I guess it was him sitting in it.

Maybe he finished this picture? I don't know.

We were crewing the sailing yacht "Stoertebeker" out of Germany.

Hal complete the painting, which is much loved and still in his possession on Queensland's Gold Coast. At 90, Hal is in good health and continues to paint and sculpt - KJ

I am in possession of an original pastel drawing of a Major Mitchell cockatoo presented to Mr and Mrs Glenn Johnston in 1981. What would the value be for insurance purposes?

My husband and I knew Vic Pascoe when we lived in PNG 1977-79 and bought two of his earlier works, paintings of masks.

I have a set of five postcard size colored lithographs of Birds of Paradise produced from painting by former PNG artist, Vic Pasco.

Does anyone out there have any information on this former PNG artist?

Hal - I have a painting of the Red Bird of Paradise, bought from your sister who ran a wonderful restaurant in Port Moresby in the late 1970's.

I bought at an earlier time, we were told, and its the first of your Bird's of Paradise They are often admired.

For interest's sake, I would like to know the value of such paintings for insurance purposes.

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